About Us

                                                          Our story:


MAC advertising agency was founded in 2001 by Michael Albert to create truly inspiring work for clients. Uncompromising about his creative independence, Michael set up his agency in Alexandria, Egypt. He began choosing design projects that he could pour his passion into. It’s a business model that works well to preserve the founding ideal of free artistic expression and to ensure that clients always have direct access to the design team.

circle We have been serving the Egyptian market and we were able to access the Middle East and Arab Gulf markets, starting with Saudi Arabia and UAE and gaining strong grounds there. All through our years of work, we haven’t lost any of the youthful enthusiasm that we had

circle when we opened our doors but we’ve also gained a lot of experience

circle What keeps MAC’s team excited about design is the challenge of solving complex problems for clients through simplicity, innovation, and beauty.

circle Our services comprise all the tools required for a starting businesses to get well- established and to take a position into the market through creative advertising campaigns, and also help assess and develop already existing businesses to keep up with the fast paced, ever renewing market requirements through our experienced team of consultants and through marketing plans during our 14 year path.

circle MAC’s website displays the range of artistic, conceptual, and strategic thinking that we bring to the practice of graphic communications. The projects included here are united by our belief in the emotional power and clear communication of good design.